Jaiaen works remotely over the telephone or Skype, although locally in Oregon’s mid-Valley, office visits are possible by appointment, as are home visits.  Specializing in intentional medicine, she enjoys seeing people come into their power and share their gifts and true purpose with the world around them.

Mom and me

Ambuya VaChihera Matilda Magaya and Jaiaen


  • A near-death birth experience started Jaiaen with one foot in the Otherworld.
  • Her primary orientation came from studying with Jewell “Jaenai” Beck Pare from 1974 to 1981. This particular 7 years was a catalyst catapulting her towards a path of service, personal growth, and spiritual life.  Jaenai was a Cherokee mystic who guided Jaiaen to extend herself beyond her own viewpoint, outside of her comfort zone, and into an unparalleled exposure to the non-ordinary.
  • She began offering auric treatments (healings and readings) in 1984 as a natural outgrowth of her empathetic sensitivity, and in 1990 was accepted as the first Esoteric Healer at the Oregon Country Fair, which is held annually in Veneta, Oregon.
  • She has multi-level certification in NMT NeuroModulation Technique as well as is certified in Focusing through Level IV.
  • She has trained in various shamanic perspectives since 1990 with numerous elders from Native America, the Peruvian Andes, Peruvian Amazon, and Zimbabwe, as well as many North American shamans, including Michael Harner, Sandra Ingerman, Leslie Conton, Tom Cowan and Mary Courtis who have passed on ancient traditions to her from around the planet. She has also enjoyed exploring the depths of Norse cosmology with Ingrid Kincaid.
  • She is a member of the Society for Shamanic Practice.
  • Founding Ancient Ways as a charitable non-profit, developing humanitarian outreach  projects in the rural villages of Zimbabwe, and being adopted into a Shona family there, have molded her as a global citizen as well as created a path to expand her depths of spiritual perspective, cultural diversity, and compassion.
  • The foundation of her life is rooted in respecting the ancestors of the land she is on, their traditions and healing modalities.

Wherever we are, the earth holds our abundance, healing, and nurturing.

We belong to the human family and have an obligation to remain in reconciliation with the tribe, while bringing forward our truth, even if not well-received.

Being one with the Mother, our ancestors, and working to remain in harmony with all humankind is paramount.

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