Ollyantambo, Sacred Valley, Peru


Finding the approach to meditation that is right for you may take time, but creating time in your day for yourself is the single most important tool you have for your personal development. 

Meditation is between you and You, and creates a time-space portal for you to open your Spiritual Intelligence doorway, access information about the past, present and future, as well as gain support from the spiritual world, including your Creator, your ancestors, and all other helping spirits who look after you.

Meditation is a way of asking, through merging with the oneness of the Creator-Creation, rather than by asking for what the brain decides (I want, I want, I want).

Meditating doesn’t mean that the brain will ever stop producing thoughts.  But it does mean that the thoughts being generated do not need to be followed like a train run a muck.  Instead,  acknowledging the thoughts and returning to the exploration, let the inner universe of You become the focus.

  • Often watching the body’s breathing will help to bring the mind back to the place desired, where one can feel that inner sense of ‘ahhh’.
  • Use words, prayers, mantras, chants, prose and poetry…whatever will work on a particular day to invoke a heart-felt experiential response to the pursuit of the discovery of non-ordinary reality.
  • Some disciplines use a particular focus daily rather than the free choice on a given day.  What works for you?
  • Hold an object that is sacred to you and allow your body to stay in resonance with that while your mind focuses on being. Try a “clean” stone (one not used/handled by others or used by you for other purposes) as they are a most sacred relationship to our earth.  Stones are the slowest moving beings on the planet and will help you slow down (that is why you think they have no life force – they move really slloooooowww).
  • Begin with the simplest of exercises – sit quietly and watch your self, your body, your thoughts, for 2 minutes every day (bedtime doesn’t really count).  Can you give this gift to yourself?

We can work together to find what approach begins to satisfy the urge to meditate. This is a life long practice that begins with one step.  An earnest intention, relinquishing expectations, and just being with your personal process is all that is ever required to make progress.

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