Approaches to Wellness

Saqsaywaman, Andes Mountains, Peru

Saqsaywaman, Andes Mountains, Peru


1.  First, step outside of the man-made structures which attempt to hold the human spirit in a box – this would include how most of the world views money, religion, relationships, etc.
2. Live simply with an attitude of gratitude.
3. Be accountable, recognizing individual responsibility for your part of creation – it is, after all, your life, your perceptions of your life, only you live it, and only you can change it.  This means sovereignty!
4. Live close to the earth with the absolute magnificence of nature, remembering to hold each day’s opportunity as a delicate egg to be cherished, honoring the Divine Design, turning away from those things that burden the soul.
5. Remember to forgive – to begin healing, delay aging. and spontaneously enjoy the moment.
6. Then let life’s creative juices teach how to thoroughly enjoy the song, dance and play of being in this body on the planet.
7. Finally, be free.

Indigenous Medicine – Ancient peoples have carried a marriage of spirit and matter into the present day using a multitude of traditions, rituals and ceremonies.  A belief in animism is at the core of this lineage and hierarchy of knowledge.  The study and exploration of indigenous medicine requires looking beyond religions, including primitive expressions of cosmologies, historically organized religions and their contemporary formations, and seeking the essence of each of these outside of 1) the structure that they each have created and 2) the structure that created them. This doesn’t mean throwing the baby out with the bath water. All religion, whether primitive or developed, creates a structure for organizing spirituality.  We can appreciate what religion does for humans – organizes us as beings –  we do tend to evolve best in groups.  But, the very dynamic that helps people to organize in a group also tends to create distance between people, their spirituality, and each other, hence spiritually-oriented experiences can sometimes also result in a conflicted nature. It all resolves by holding unity in diversity high on one’s list.  And, seeing that everyone and every culture has a cosmology, and although they differ, the heart’s desire is still the same, that of peace.

The discovery of a plant is not so much about the scientific name, but more the energetic components and how they heal the energy body.  This is explored by seeing the symbolism in everything in your world – all things are a symbol formed of energy wishing to share a message.  Reading the energy, hearing the message, and then feeling the plant with a new sensitivity will all tell more than breaking the plant down into parts, and giving them names.

The same applies to a spiritual message expressed through a cosmology. Receive it as a message from Creator/Creation, but you may not understand it. Then apply and revere the truth it holds for you.

The Internal Universe – Healing modalities and religion are approaches to wellness that often involve another person, whereas in contrast, meditation, contemplation, concentration, journeying, dreams, focusing and prayer are approaches to wellness, that are purely between you, You, and the Creative Life Force, not requiring anything except an experience of your internal world.  That world is far larger than you can imagine.

NMT – Developed by Dr. Les Feinberg and introduced to practitioners in September 2002.  For those who attended that very first training as NMT took flight, as well as those who have jumped on board as it has progressed, we all continue to be in awe as the technique evolves to be on the leading edge incorporating the latest in new physics and consciousness raising.

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