About Jaiaen

as a teacher and a student

Jaiaen has a ‘shavi’ for teaching.  ‘Shavi’ is a Shona word meaning: a talent spirit.
Healing sessions and dynamic classes are deeply transformative learning opportunities.  We learn:
  • from each other,
  • from the nature of Nature, and
  • from those present but not seen, who are helping us.

Siletz River, Lincoln City, Oregon Coast


  • Traveling extensively into the  Amazon jungles of Peru and the Andes, as well as staying in the Zimbabwe savannah, Jaiaen shares cultural grounding from her adventures and  explorations in healing, music, art and traditions of the indigenous peoples who have become her friends and family.
  • Ongoing weekly Zimbabwean marimba music classes are offered in Albany and Corvallis Oregon to all ages.
  • Native rawhide rattle making is catered for any group and almost any age. For example, students enrolled in Mary Courtis PhD. Anthropology courses at PCC Portland Community College have been able to make rattles as part of their journey with Mary.
  • As founder and Executive Director of Ancient Ways, beginning the charitable non-profit in 1994, and broadening its work to include humanitarian outreach overseas in 1999, Jaiaen has taught in a variety of capacities to fulfill the vision of alleviating suffering through empowerment.
“I am deeply grateful for all of my teachers: both in the physical and non-ordinary world, including my family, particularly every person that has ever gotten under my skin, my companions, my students, and those who have seen me as their student.  Thank you!”
So who are you?  You might be a student, and if so then you will undoubtedly also be the teacher.
She hopes to become your trusted and learned friend.
“Life is our greatest teacher, if we can only learn how to learn.”
Jewell “Jaenai” Beck-Pare, 1974

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