NMT – Informational Medicine

NMT ~ “NeuroModulation Technique” is known internationally as ‘informational’ medicine as contrasted with ‘energy’ medicine. What is required to carry out an NMT Session?

  • Holding Intention,
  • NMT’s highly-designed protocol covering a range of aspects from one’s consciousness to the body and its bio-computer,
  • A way for the participants other-than-conciousness (OTC) to communicate – we use muscle reflex testing (MRT), very similar to that discovered by Dr. George Goodheart in 1964, and
  • The commitment of the participants to walk towards wellness.

You might look at an NMT session as if your body is a radio with antenna that together we direct towards the Source of All Healing.  As such we could call it “receptional” healing – the process creates exceptional receptivity!

NMT can be offered remotely (e.g. via the phone or skype) or in person (e.g. in the mid-Willamette  Valley office, or your home).  This wellness modality is transferring information, rather than being a physically dense exchange, and so there is no difference between 1,000 miles, and 3 feet:  either way there is space between the participants.  We do anchor information into the physical by using a brief breathing pattern and tapping, which signals the nervous system to the incoming messages.

Although we may not be conscious of the process, the exchange of information is made up of images and words.  This provides the recipient with a catalyst for change and helps to reconnect the bio-computer in a variety of ways, from a cellular level to emotionally-patterned behaviors  to the morphic field.

NMT provides the fundamental structure, allowing, encouraging, and stimulating, a healthy entanglement between the participants, which gives the miraculous human body a chance to improve its communications with itself, correcting problems which have impacted health.  Due to trauma of any sort, from illness to accident, the body’s control system can become confused, and illness will ensue.  Our focus is to realign this system with its Source of Creation, clear up faults of information that limit and confuse the system, and setup new channels of communication between the elements of the system.

Consider NMT for any condition or state of being, as a healing influence, as well as for a regular tune-up!

Find more information about NMT and find Jaiaen on the NMT website.


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