We must dream to process our waking life. 

Studies have shown that continual interrupted dream time leads to insanity.

Pisaq, Andes Mountains, Peru

Did you know that our society is sleep deprived due to high stress?  Much of this comes from the instant-gratification age-of-electronics and all of what that brings to modern life.

In the Amazon jungle, and many other medicine forests around the world, the natives are losing the next generation to the city lights, music coming out of boxes, the big screen, and substances that make you forget your problems for a while.  Their forests are being cut and burned at a phenomenal rate, and what is left is loaded with cures beyond your imagination. No kids translates to no one to pass on their medicine.  The youth have relocated their hearts and senses as they have moved away looking for more bling.

We too continue to lose the next generation.  We stand by helplessly as our cultural fabric is being ripped. We no longer can think straight because we so highly value the city energy. We allow the denaturing of nature with casually spreading civilization. We have forgotten who we are as we senselessly slay each other. We no longer can sleep as we are wired to 60 cycles per second, instead of being wired to the core of the earth.

Does this sound like a bummer?  Sorry.  There is a cure.

Do you know anyone with insomnia? 

  • Dreams are a way we can heal ourselves.
  • They help us work out the contrast between the beauty and harshness we experience daily.
  • Understanding what our dreams are saying can bring insights resulting in deeper relaxation in life, as well as show us the way through complications or distress.
  •  Learn how to use your dreams as a tool for self-discovery and actualization.  Jaiaen will help you understand the language in which your dreams are written.  It is the language of your soul so you are the author of the dictionary.

Are you living a wakeful life or sleeping through it? 

Are your dreams your “true” self trying to wake you up from being asleep all day?

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