EARTH Day Celebration!

Please join us at the Thyme Garden in Alsea from 10-5 pm on Saturday April 20th, where Jaiaen and the Circle of Well Being will be offering a healing ceremony from 3-4 pm.

Check out this link for more information! See you soon!

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Quick Reminder – Spring Equinox Gathering

We are meeting the 3rd Saturday of the 3rd month again, in tradition with keeping it simple, although we are starting at 11 a.m. as a new trend.  Only April 27th, as a mid-point meeting, will return to 3 p.m. just for that day. For the duration of 2019 we will meet at 11 a.m.

The vernal or spring equinox is 3:58 P.M. here on the pacific coast on March 20th. Being proactive in coming together gives us an edge to ride the wave as spring stimulates our lives and takes us into 2019. Much to ponder!

Bring all the regular things to support healthy feasting, journeying, and your intentions for planting seeds for this year. We will be outside with a burn pile as well as inside dipping into the creative world of heart space.

Thank you for being part of the Circle of Well Being…you bring much joy and richness to the depth and texture of my life.

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We Are in Our Cave – part 2

Join me on 2/2/19 3 pm for further spelunking in this link.

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Change the Date to 2/2

Hey y’all ~ sorry I posted the wrong date. We will meet 2/2 instead! See you then!

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Spelunking We Will Go

this next Saturday 3 pm, 1-26-19, to explore the time-space reality point in-between Solstice and Equinox (a little earlier than February 1st).

Here are some things to ponder as you ramble about your cave, maybe wondering what you might be able to do in this wonderful winter weather! See you soon!

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Holiday Minerals and Mercantile!

We will be open on Saturday and Sunday the 15th and 16th, as well as the 22nd and 23rd, with special gifts within your budget.  We have some incredible items to bring the natural world into your living room or work space.

Everything has been chosen to reflect the best in hand-crafted items from around the world, with a focus on indigenous art and crafts, and stones to satisfy the appetite of children and geologists alike. 

Join us ~ by appointment (541-259-4673)!

We are donating 25% of all proceeds to Ancient Ways on these particular days.  Ancient Ways will also be selling their merchandise, raising money for the work in Zimbabwe.

Feel free to call with questions.  Have a wonderful holiday season!

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I Just Can’t Contain Myself

The following video is so worth watching. 

Isabelle Mercier on Ted Talks….zero tolerance?

Please, take some time (all of 20 minutes) and enjoy her French flair while getting her tips on life.  I have learned more in the last 20 minutes than in a few decades.

One of the things I’m really enjoying are women who are really clear about what they are saying, and then include some experience from 8 or 10 years old, when a wise adult told them something, which changed the rest of their life.  Isabelle is another such woman. 

And, I’m thinking she has changed my life, and I will never look at it the same way again.

Be blessed…see you at the Solstice and if not, later then!

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Letting Winter Do Its Work!

Here we are going into our caves, yet another year.  What happens now that the leaves have shed, the seeds have dropped, and we are feeling the cold weather?  We are pretty naked.  So let’s go with it!  Lets get naked.

Join us on Saturday December 15th 3 pm for a traditional gathering here in Lacomb.  We have a couple of huge piles to burn, assuming the weather is reasonable (not pouring), so bring layers, and something healthy to share (finger and spork food is great).  Also please bring your journals to take advantage of all the ways your soul wants to contribute to your unfolding!

Looking forward to connecting with you and your deepest desires for your life.  Now is the time we are given each year to renew and reignite our soul’s passion.  I hope you will ponder this with me:

~   How do we do it? How do we use the winter months to rejuvenate and actually capitalize on the cold, dark and cloudy days?

~   And, how do we not run screaming out of the cave when the flames around the fire cast these enormous shadows on the walls that don’t look the least friendly or familiar?

~   How do we draw up from our core the very essence of ourselves and allow the beingness of the Life Force to speak through our authentic voice so that 2019’s unfolding has a richness that satisfies the palate?

~  When the cave smells dank and damp and there doesn’t seem to be any air in the corners of our mind, and we feel suffocated in our process, what do we do?

~   When we are moving slow enough that we let ourselves actually hear the mind chitch, aimlessly rambling about our latest narrative, how do we cultivate that experience to get more out of it?  We could be ‘mindful’ and watch it.  But maybe there is something else to do with the audio besides just letting it repeat?

Lets be frank and open and give each other the best of ourselves at this incredibly powerful time of year.  Thank you for all the ways you bless my life!  See you on the 15th!

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Equinox Gathering!

Just a quick note about the Equinox gathering in Lacomb on Saturday – normally the 3rd Saturday  — we are coming together on the 4th Saturday instead.  Same time and space.

  • 3 pm to gather branches and commune with the trees.
  • Starting officially at 4 pm
  • Bring healthy finger food, although if you have something that requires forks and spoons its okay!
  • Bring your journal and pens/pencils.
  • A journey blanket with drum or rattle optional as we have extras here.

Be thinking about how to deepen with the cycles of nature around us.

The summer of full bloom is fading and relaxing into our selves is the priority.

Like the blackberries which have born fruit, they draw the energy back to their roots as autumn approaches.

We aren’t in our winter cave and we are not in full bloom, but somewhere betwixt and between.

Much gratitude for all of what is coming and has come.  Harvesting what is…hmmm….

See you soon!

Thanks for every way you bring love and light into my life!

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Spring Equinox!

Tuesday March 20th at 9:15 am is spring equinox for us here on the west coast.  We will be gathering like normal on the 3rd Saturday of this 3rd month at 3 pm here in Lacomb!  (That is the 17th)  RSVP so that I can give you the new gate code!

Please bring healthy finger food, your journal and journey blanket.

Be ready to plant your seeds for a clear unfolding into 2018.

Jess and I will be leaving for Zimbabwe within a couple days…I specifically set our trip to follow this important gathering time.  We will be looking forward to connecting with you and creating a “circle energy” to help us with our personal evolution, our work there in the savannah bush, as well as a focused uneventful trip and easy return home.  Your good thoughts and large love help Aladdin’s carpet get us there and back in the blink of an eye.

Call, text or email with questions … gathering branches at 3 p.m!  Thanks!

BTW – I have a new phone number that rings my cell and office simultaneously … 541-946-3183 … please add to your contact list … thanks …

See you soon!

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