The Internal Universe

Be willing to enter into the darkness and see with new eyes.

“The spirit of man is the candle of the Lord, searching all the inward parts of the belly.”

Proverbs 20:27 KJV


Pisaq, Andes Mountains, Peru

Your Helpers Are Right Here   Everyone has heard of guardian angels but many people live as if they believe that they are here on their own, struggling in life without assistance.  Learning about those who are here for you, takes time and is a gradual process, but it is of paramount importance, so one can relax into receiving the support that is everyone’s birthright.  What parent or friend would not give a child help, if asked?  These helpers are around us at all times but the easiest way to perceive them is when focusing inward, by closing your eyes and removing distractions.

Your Asking Will Assure Your Receiving   The spiritual world will not interfere with us, by coming after us and chasing us down, to require us to receive what it has to offer – we must ask.  This is one of the reasons the Lord’s Prayer says, “give us this day, our daily bread”.  This is a statement setting the precedent that we must ask, and assume there will be a delivery, but we don’t ask with a plea or whine.  It is a recognition of the abundance just waiting for our acknowledgement.  We also must orient ourselves to ask with an expectancy of delivery, but not  expectations, which must be relinquished to have an open hand to receive.  It is also emphasized that it is daily, like the sun comes up daily, so let’s get with the program!

Your Adventure Territory Is Unfathomable  You are the pivot point between the physical and the non-physical world, and you are the only one that can open the way of discovery.  The non-physical, or non-ordinary reality (NOR), is as real and gi’nor’mous as anything you can imagine about the physical world around you.  As far as your mind can encompass in the galaxies, the inner landscape available to traverse is equally as large.  And it’s up to you to focus and pull your scattered energies together and give attention to that world.

This exploration is not ever done casually – just as you would not leave home without a coat in winter, enter into a cave without a flashlight, or attempt a marathon run without training – we all need protection, guidance and strength to set our foot on a path of this magnitude. 

Let’s be prepared!

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