RYOB Program

rope bridgeJaiaen offers a 1 year course to help participants deepen their relationship to the spirits of nature, each other and themselves.  The goal is to provide more information and experiential learning to achieve more shamanic perspective in our lives.

The curriculum is shared once a month in an intimate group setting of less than 6 people. The curriculum is provided through the website and through a deck of 88 cards, with the topics on one side of the card.  The other side of the card is blank and the student has the month to venture into the world of images in magazines, personal photos, and on the internet to put their own picture on the card so that the topic speaks to them personally invoking a heart-felt or sensual response rather than an intellectual one.

If you are currently not enrolled in a class please feel free to write with enrollment questions for the Oregon mid-Willamette Valley classes, or non-local classes, where you use your own home and an internet classroom.  Grab the rope!  Join the adventure!

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