Winter Solstice 2017 Saturday the 16th in Lacomb

Official Winter Solstice is Thursday, December 21, 2017 at 8:28 am PST.

Gathering on Saturday the 16th at 3 pm will give us a great pause before we shift into into our winter caves.  Time to reflect and go inside promises calm and peaceful outcomes.

Now more than ever, we really need to remember our natural selves, the ones that are totally aligned with nature at its finest. 

  • Nature is pure energy. 
  • Nature is not distorted, deceiving or in denial. 
  • She just is! 

Lets tap into our IS-ness and bathe in that beauty, play in that Light, connect with the Center of the earth.  Spelunking is the most wonderful part of winter!

Please join me for a Winter Solstice here at 3 pm to gather branches, 4 pm start.  Please bring healthy finger foods, and your journal, and blanket, etc.

If you are unable to come, I wish you the very best energy to carry forward in creating your 2018, as well as safe and kind holidays!

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