Winter Reflections

Winter Reflections

May the barren darkness

be the bringer of dawn

beyond our imaginations.


Let the pain and isolation of winter

linger only briefly enough

to allow renewal

and a full bursting

into gentle spring seeds,


and pregnant with possibility.


Hold hope and eternal intention

when the firelight flickers

and the shadow-dancing

on the wall of your mind

reveals the contrast

leaving only

the true luminous being inside.


Allow a fresh naked view

through the opening portal

into a new dimension within

as it embraces



the next year

coming out of the embers

and your deeply-felt relaxing breath


Ahhh… Ahhh… Ahhh…



Be Blessed

as you willingly surrender

all that you thought you knew

all that you wanted to hold on to

all that mimics authenticity

all the pretenses and precepts

dressed like fringe characters

all the goblins and ghouls

watching from behind

below and beneath

all the hungry ghosts

that live in the forests of our minds.


Let them go…

Let them go…

Let them go…

all of these spirits, schisms and splinters

that stand in our way

on our journey

to freedom.


They diminish. They dissolve. They disappear.


Pleasant warm wintry sleeping

is bringing comfort

and reminding us

of who we really are,

giving us permission to

be beautifully Blessed,


and Happily

our wild natural selves

in cooperation

and entangled

like nature herself

a mycorrhizal mosaic

symbiotic and sustainable

singular but in unison

always working together

as One.

Jaiaen 12/21/17

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