Upcoming Events to Schedule!

Circle of Well Being will again be sharing Earth Day with Thyme Garden. 

Here is the Thyme Garden link!

Please read on…

The above link will take you to the Thyme Garden website.  We are sending these details to you so you can see how we fit into their world and how you are part of that! 

  • At the Earth Day event on April 22nd, the Circle of Well Being (part of Ancient Ways) will be creating a celebration for adults and children alike.  Their nursery is open 10-5 pm that day.  Come and be part of sharing in the earth’s magic!
  •  At the Mother’s Day event, our Ancient Ways marimba groups will be playing, and there are vendors of all sorts, plus their nursery is open all day. 

Please let us know if you will be able to participate in the April 22nd Earth Day event.  We’ll have a role for you to play in putting it all together (only if you like). Thanks much!


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