Up and Running

Fall Greetings!

Its pretty certain that we made the conversion to the new emailing feature, which finds life from my blogging efforts.  The last post (with a picture about stretching our minds) was a test that was supposed to go only to me, but I think it may have gone to everyone…my apologies.  I think we are now good to go.

Hope that the thin veil experiences over the 31st were all enlightening, exciting, invigorating, and the recent full moon has blessed you with plenty of full relationship experiences.

Lets all remember to retain our sens-abilites so that we are feeding from nature, and not the electronics in our lives. All 11 senses – the 5 physical and 6 “sixth senses” are all part of the antennae with which every person is equipped…so don’t think – but instead listen to the incoming messages, and trust your own body-felt sense about the nature of reality.

That doesn’t mean getting paralyzed by fear, if you pick up that emotion, but it does mean to allow awareness of it, and encourage loving-kindness towards yourself for hearing and feeling and knowing.  This is part of our toolbox!

Recall the breath, the heart beat, the soul, that we all share. Yes, we all share, even insane people, people who are invaded by walk-ins, and just plain possessed people, all need compassion. Breathe faith, hope and love into every moment, and the greatest of these can be used like a shovel.

Love is a tool to pry and negotiate, to dig and deepen, to spread and nurture.  And overcome.  We will overcome.

Okay, this was supposed to be just a quick blog spot about fixing the feedburner so you should only receive one email from me, when I blog from the website, and that should say Mail Chimp at the bottom of it!

Thanks for all of your engagement in my life and your encouragement to me to continue to be myself, that large child who lives in a make-believe Omniverse.

Love you all!  Do let me know if everything is working okay…thank you!

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