Summer Solstice Gathering June 17th

Tuesday, June 20, 2017 at 9:24 pm PDT is official Summer Solstice.

We will celebrate on Saturday the 17th starting at 3 pm to gather branches, and beginning no later than 4 pm here in Lacomb.  Bring your journal and come to declare yourself!  Be ready to identify how you might have over planted seeds this spring, how the brambles may have over grown your space, and how to trim back to a reasonable garden to nourish for the rest of the year!

Come with finger foods ready to share and an open mind and heart.

Summer Solstice 2017

Summer, old friend, glorious summer!

You have me on the edge of my seat,

waiting with bated breath.

Stop teasing me.

It’s time.

And, we are ready.


We know your secrets, your inner longings, and we are at One with you!

Bring it on!

You kindle our expansion and growth.

We know we will be

in wide open bloom

And full of your optimism

And enthusiasm.

We surrender

To deepen our roots

Seeking the Mother of Life,

the Water,

To stretch upwards

towards the heavens to touch the sky

With wild abandon,

And to deliciously savor the fruits of our creative intending.

We Be,

I am,

They are,


One with You.



We invite your presence,

Honor us with your

Gentle and kind

warm winds,

Sparkling dew

in the morning grass,

and late starry nights.

Release us into nature.

We relish the thought!




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