Summer Solstice 2015

Trying some new ideas for sharing old information here…

Hey guys – Join me for Summer Solstice 2015…let’s put our consciousness together and enjoy the transition of the season!

Are you ready for the full-on summer energy that’s coming on strong? Are you on overwhelm? Hopefully you’re tackling the details of living, like an empowered gardener would…where was that hoe anyway and what happened to the wheelbarrow? The practical details for our quarterly gathering are at the end!

So, Stop. Ever think you are moving way too fast? Just deeply breathe. And, reach into the crack in the Universe:

  • Do you hear the grass growing?
  • Do you feel the flowers as they quietly come into beauty and bloom?
  • And feel the birds soar in flight?
  • Can you taste the fruit not quite yet formed on the bushes?
  • Are you smelling the crisp apple fragrance that is on its way?
  • Can you see the sounds of crickets and frogs in the dark as they sing to you at night?
  • Do you know that you are fully One with Nature around you and the world of non-ordinary reality, and the only separation is in your mind?

As our earth is ever-changing, and so are we. Let’s put Her seasonal energy into our pocket to fuel our next transition. Are you clear about your next step, and where you are headed? Is your momentum tunnel heading you down a destiny track that you are not fond of, in any way? Then if so, by all means, consider another destiny track that is available to you! You know that you don’t have to work out the details (right?), your allies and your Allies, all of the Sacred Ones, will do that for you, you just have to dream consciously, put your Heart-Mind into your intention to imagine another future, then let Them know. What would you prefer?

Whatever you are called to be, and do, in this new future will benefit all of our planet, as your inspiration comes from Spirit and means empowerment for all. Grace us all with your authentic passionate gifts!   Bless us with your Divine Fire – that spark of Life that unifies us all, stimulating creative juices and rising with spontaneity! And, join in as we support each other in this heart-felt growth!

Solstice is just around the corner. How does your life reflect the seeds you planted in the spring? And the vision that you liberated in your cave last winter, as you faced your biggest fears and tapped into your yearning for what life has to offer? Are you unveiling the Truth of your being in 2015, or are you trying to hide? Are you burdened by too many seeds growing and need to do some thinning? I often am. Is it time to consider any drastic action like eradicating an invasive or evasive weed, insect or parasite in your world of thought?

What song do you carry inside of you that plays the drum beat of your heart on your rib bones, anyway? Are you heavy laden with love for life, and lookin’ for release? What does the sound of your song look like? And, how does it feel? Let yourself breathe into being a tune that has a life of its own, and let the corpses in the shadows of your mind shed like a snake! Listen to the freedom tune…listen for the deliciousness and wonder and awe…listen for your comrades who are also singing a vitality hymn and walking to their drummer. We must trust the process and trust our internal compass pointing the way.

Every day is revealing more and more power for you to use in your life. There are a wellspring of tools being given to you daily – are you open to receive them? There is an abundance of people put on your path – maybe some opportunities not normally recognized as potential gems, you know, like that irritating person? Nuggets of gold are dropping into your hands, are they closed? And there is a wealth of knowledge downloading now. Is your computer asleep?

If you are listening to Her Energy, then turn up the volume and cherish Nature as she speaks tomes. What frequency or channel do you frequent? Are you getting the tasty morsels of the wisdom currents or are you being mesmerized by the afflicted emotion currents? Every moment – every moment – we have a choice of which current to ride. Make the decision to choose, to ride the current and not be ridden!


Just like each quarter, we will again be sharing this power-filled focused time. Solstice is 9:39 PDT Sunday morning. We will begin our gathering at 4 pm on Saturday the 20th, here in Lacomb. We will make an effort to break by 7:30 or 8 pm in case you will not be spending the night. We will wrap up the daylight hours with a complete package of solstice intention to take with you. Please confirm your intention to be present, and whether you will be staying over, with a text, phone call, or email before the 19th. Thanks!

  • Camping or dorm space is available. If you want to camp, come any time after 2:30 pm to set up your tent in the Boreal rainforest behind the house.
  • Because of the slumber party, please bring something of substance for a potluck, instead of our normal finger food. It will be part of the 4-8 pm timeframe.
  • If you want to bring midnight snacks, that would also be appropriate.
  • We will be doing some later night intention work as well…bring flashlights.
  • As always, bring your journey blanket, journal and pens, and this time, layers of clothing for potential bugs or evening cooling, as we may likely be journeying outside.
  • Breakfast can also be potluck. Eggs are provided, along with a super machine for smoothies, so bring frozen or fresh fruit for that.

Let me know that you are attending so I can keep you posted with the latest updates. Thanks! Looking forward to seeing you!

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