Spring Equinox March 2017

In the wee hours of the morning Monday March 20th spring equinox raises its sleepy winter head and greets all the potentiality for the next year.  How do you find yourself … really ready for spring, like just craving more sun and gardening, or really hankering for more hunkering down with winter comforts reminding you of gratitude for relaxation and repose?

Lets explore that together on Saturday March 18th starting at 4 pm.  Come at 3 pm to help gather branches. 

Bring healthy finger foods, your journey blanket and journal, pens, and rattle or drums if you like.  Feel free to bring a friend or newbie.

We look to winter as a time to:

  • store up the energy required to manifest the year,
  • finish grieving any losses of last year to be able to “get on with living life”, and
  • dreaming up new beginnings and seeing how to slice through the illusions that stop us from planting the seeds of our truest desires.

What seeds are you clearly wanting to plant? Is this what you think, or what you feel?  Is there any debris from 2016 (and before) that you want to remove…things that in themselves create obstacles and/or just sit there obstinately reminding you that you have tripped over them many times before?

  • Emotions yelling your name on your map of reality, saying “dig here”, but which have been ignored?
  • Mental constructs holding pretenses and preconceived limitations for you and everyone else, that you hold expectations of fitting, like a bad shoe?
  • Spiritual “beliefs” that keep you in a box, trying to contain the immeasurable?
  • Body stuff, like self-images that are worn out and hold absolutely no truth about who you really are?

What are the things you can shed over the next week to 10 days?  Give it your attention! How do you ask your spiritual allies for help with that (you know, Great Spirit/Creator/God/Infinite One, Power Animals/True Ones/Angels, Great Ones, Dear Ones, etc.)?  Can you be willing to (be willing to be willing to) surrender all of those meaty pieces of your old life, just like snow melting? Giving it up?  Allowing the new that comes with the birth of daffodils springing up?

Now is the time to really take time and form your seeds of intention for 2017. 

Do you want life to be different this year?  Now is the time to invest in yourself, as our mother earth is also reaching towards the next unfolding!  We are supported NOW in shifting our delusions about it all. And, in dreaming up a new way forward.

Let me know if you will be able to make it! 3-18 4pm Here.  Thanks!

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