Spring Equinox!

Tuesday March 20th at 9:15 am is spring equinox for us here on the west coast.  We will be gathering like normal on the 3rd Saturday of this 3rd month at 3 pm here in Lacomb!  (That is the 17th)  RSVP so that I can give you the new gate code!

Please bring healthy finger food, your journal and journey blanket.

Be ready to plant your seeds for a clear unfolding into 2018.

Jess and I will be leaving for Zimbabwe within a couple days…I specifically set our trip to follow this important gathering time.  We will be looking forward to connecting with you and creating a “circle energy” to help us with our personal evolution, our work there in the savannah bush, as well as a focused uneventful trip and easy return home.  Your good thoughts and large love help Aladdin’s carpet get us there and back in the blink of an eye.

Call, text or email with questions … gathering branches at 3 p.m!  Thanks!

BTW – I have a new phone number that rings my cell and office simultaneously … 541-946-3183 … please add to your contact list … thanks …

See you soon!

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