Winter Solstice, Rocks, Massage and more

Holiday Greetings! (feel free to forward to someone you know who needs to know…)

Solstice this year is 8:49 PM PST on December 21st.  Looking forward to sharing time with you on Saturday, December 19th! We’ll begin after 3 pm and start our gathering no later than 4.  Come 3 or after to help gather branches, set up the space, and find a place to hunker in, as well as spend time catching up.  We’ll be done by 8 for those who need to get home early.  The dorm is available to stay over – just let me know if you plan on attending the slumber party…you are always welcome.With your help over this year I have been able to meet some of my personal goals: the rock shop is open! As is the massage room!  Please feel free to come anytime after 10 am on the 19th to peruse, and play with the rocks, or just sit inside the enchanted juniper-mineral forest and fill your cup! The rock shop is also being opened on December 9th and 13th…call for the times 541-259-HOPE (4673)…Thanks, on behalf of Lodi and myself, for your encouragement, friendship and support in manifesting the vision.  In December, you can use your Ancient Ways membership or Circle of Well Being membership for a discount on rock shop purchases, which includes the mercantile aspect of the store.  If you like we will donate that 10% to Ancient Ways to help continue the work in Zimbabwe!

This solstice we also have a delightful opportunity to get a massage in the new room!  I have invited my masseuse, Annette Boyajian, to offer massage here on this special day. She offers a combination of Reiki, Swedish and Myo Fascial Release techniques for effective pain relief, deep relaxation and energy balancing.

Please feel free to call her and make an appointment for between 11 am and 3 pm on the 19th.  1/2 hour is $45 for your personal holiday pleasure, 1 hour is $75 for that much-needed vacation, and 1.5 hours is $95 for those who want the heart-felt indulgence and really need to go into their winter cave ready for the deeper hibernation…Please feel free to call soon and get your sweet spot 503-510-4587!  Let me know if you are interested in massage on a different day in 2015, or as we go forward in 2016!

AnnettePlease bring your regular gear for Solstice including:

  • layered clothing to feel free in the farm and forest,
  • a journey blanket, eye-covering, your notebook and pen,
  • as well as drum or rattle if you have one, and
  • any kind of normal healthy food desirable for meal time.

Give some awareness to what the earth is telling us now.  Thinking back, we are hopefully harvesting the fruits of our labor, shedding the layers of decaying wood and unusable efforts from the year (or the past 50 years ), and are really getting ready to go deep within and re-dream life for the next 365.  This may likely mean slaying or befriending your dragons, slicing through illusions and restoring wholeness with the quiet ambiance of one’s cave.  It may mean loosening the baggage and dropping dead weight, redefining priorities, grappling with and aligning to the changes on the planet, and in our universe.  By going inside, winter is with us as a dear friend, and restores the balance of our heart-mind-body to allow us to emerge reborn with refreshed clear vision and readiness for what comes.  Join me in some journey work to give us more information about the way through. It takes all of us stepping out of the proverbial closets and sharing who we are meant to be, to heal the earth and each other. Looking forward to our time.  Many Blessings and much love here for you!

Warm Holiday Wishes,

p.s. 2016 brings a new curriculum monthly on the 3rd Saturday of each month (except February when I’ll be in Zimbabwe), when we (we, wee, whee!) are studying the intersection of mystical Christianity, Eastern religion (primarily Buddhism and Hinduism), and shamanism!  Please call if you are interested in being part of the year-long program.  More information to follow. Thanks!

p.s.s. In feeling connected to my ancestors and the indigenous native relatives of this land, December has become my give-away for services, simply because I love you (its really too simple) … any type of healing work, whether NMT (see – informational healing as distinct from energy healing), counseling (transformational coaching), or shamanic intercession is available at no cost and is open to anyone you know. This covers all categories of concern (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and other ).  Wholly wishing you the best for 2016!

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