Quick Reminder – Spring Equinox Gathering

We are meeting the 3rd Saturday of the 3rd month again, in tradition with keeping it simple, although we are starting at 11 a.m. as a new trend.  Only April 27th, as a mid-point meeting, will return to 3 p.m. just for that day. For the duration of 2019 we will meet at 11 a.m.

The vernal or spring equinox is 3:58 P.M. here on the pacific coast on March 20th. Being proactive in coming together gives us an edge to ride the wave as spring stimulates our lives and takes us into 2019. Much to ponder!

Bring all the regular things to support healthy feasting, journeying, and your intentions for planting seeds for this year. We will be outside with a burn pile as well as inside dipping into the creative world of heart space.

Thank you for being part of the Circle of Well Being…you bring much joy and richness to the depth and texture of my life.

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