Oregon Mineral and Mercantile – Open by Appointment

Oregon Mineral and Mercantile is open for business on Sunday August 2nd with a wide variety of rock as well as other unique gifts from 25 cents to $600!  This is your personal invitation … we are not open to the general public, but for you, by appointment… although do feel free to bring friends. I am happy to be celebrating the Celtic holiday Lughnasa on August 1st, as well as Día de la Pachamama. known as Mother Earth Day in Peru, as we open the rock shop for the first time!  Please feel free to come on Sunday, and if you can’t make it, but can on Saturday, give me a call as I may have a window of opportunity in the middle of the afternoon on August 1st.

When I was 8 years old my great uncle Alfred Powell, (who was 103 when he passed recently), turned me on to rocks with my first book on the mineral kingdom called Pebble Pups.  It was a quarter-inch thick and came with a starter box of assorted minerals glued to little squares.  I was delighted by the prospect of studying this new found friend.  That began me on my rock hounding adventures!  I met Lodi because I was looking for someone to help me grind rocks into a fine enough powder to be able to fill the back-orders on a cream that I was shipping up and down the west coast back in ’89…it was clever…we could wear our crystal and aromatherapy using this special anointment.  It turned out that the San Francisco earthquakes were making it hard for the powder man to fill my orders so Lodi and I went down and back on that Saturday and, with John’s help, I bought the crystal grinding machine.  Lodi and I collected rocks together for 25 years and invested in that world…not just as a business, but as a lifestyle and spiritual cosmology.  And now today I get to share this particular bent with you!  This is very fun for me!

Thanks for your encouragement and support over the last couple of years as I have been working towards this goal!  Remember that your volunteered time or status as a RYOB classmate gets you a 10% discount!

Looking forward to seeing you!

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