May Check-in

May 15th Massage day is cancelled due to a death in Annette’s family…please send her your Large Love!

Hoping May is going well for you and the seeds you planted during Equinox are growing well!

Now is a great time to think about your tending…are you taking time to weed, to water, to wonder? Are they getting enough food, air circulation, sunlight?

This is a great check in time so you aren’t waiting until next month when we greet Solstice and find your seedlings are buried in brambles, choked out by too many other concerns, or spindly without good roots, etc.

Personally I’m challenged by having taken time out of my winter cave, gone to the other side of the world where it was summer, and not had enough hibernation and rest to really keep up with this warm flush we’re in. Wow…what a great spring!

See some of you next weekend for May’s Explore the Intersection classes!

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