Letting Winter Do Its Work!

Here we are going into our caves, yet another year.  What happens now that the leaves have shed, the seeds have dropped, and we are feeling the cold weather?  We are pretty naked.  So let’s go with it!  Lets get naked.

Join us on Saturday December 15th 3 pm for a traditional gathering here in Lacomb.  We have a couple of huge piles to burn, assuming the weather is reasonable (not pouring), so bring layers, and something healthy to share (finger and spork food is great).  Also please bring your journals to take advantage of all the ways your soul wants to contribute to your unfolding!

Looking forward to connecting with you and your deepest desires for your life.  Now is the time we are given each year to renew and reignite our soul’s passion.  I hope you will ponder this with me:

~   How do we do it? How do we use the winter months to rejuvenate and actually capitalize on the cold, dark and cloudy days?

~   And, how do we not run screaming out of the cave when the flames around the fire cast these enormous shadows on the walls that don’t look the least friendly or familiar?

~   How do we draw up from our core the very essence of ourselves and allow the beingness of the Life Force to speak through our authentic voice so that 2019’s unfolding has a richness that satisfies the palate?

~  When the cave smells dank and damp and there doesn’t seem to be any air in the corners of our mind, and we feel suffocated in our process, what do we do?

~   When we are moving slow enough that we let ourselves actually hear the mind chitch, aimlessly rambling about our latest narrative, how do we cultivate that experience to get more out of it?  We could be ‘mindful’ and watch it.  But maybe there is something else to do with the audio besides just letting it repeat?

Lets be frank and open and give each other the best of ourselves at this incredibly powerful time of year.  Thank you for all the ways you bless my life!  See you on the 15th!

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