Winter Solstice, Rocks, Massage and more

Holiday Greetings! (feel free to forward to someone you know who needs to know…)

Solstice this year is 8:49 PM PST on December 21st.  Looking forward to sharing time with you on Saturday, December 19th! We’ll begin after 3 pm and start our gathering no later than 4.  Come 3 or after to help gather branches, set up the space, and find a place to hunker in, as well as spend time catching up.  We’ll be done by 8 for those who need to get home early.  The dorm is available to stay over – just let me know if you plan on attending the slumber party…you are always welcome.With your help over this year I have been able to meet some of my personal goals: the rock shop is open! As is the massage room!  Please feel free to come anytime after 10 am on the 19th to peruse, and play with the rocks, or just sit inside the enchanted juniper-mineral forest and fill your cup! The rock shop is also being opened on December 9th and 13th…call for the times 541-259-HOPE (4673)…Thanks, on behalf of Lodi and myself, for your encouragement, friendship and support in manifesting the vision.  In December, you can use your Ancient Ways membership or Circle of Well Being membership for a discount on rock shop purchases, which includes the mercantile aspect of the store.  If you like we will donate that 10% to Ancient Ways to help continue the work in Zimbabwe!

This solstice we also have a delightful opportunity to get a massage in the new room!  I have invited my masseuse, Annette Boyajian, to offer massage here on this special day. She offers a combination of Reiki, Swedish and Myo Fascial Release techniques for effective pain relief, deep relaxation and energy balancing.

Please feel free to call her and make an appointment for between 11 am and 3 pm on the 19th.  1/2 hour is $45 for your personal holiday pleasure, 1 hour is $75 for that much-needed vacation, and 1.5 hours is $95 for those who want the heart-felt indulgence and really need to go into their winter cave ready for the deeper hibernation…Please feel free to call soon and get your sweet spot 503-510-4587!  Let me know if you are interested in massage on a different day in 2015, or as we go forward in 2016!

AnnettePlease bring your regular gear for Solstice including:

  • layered clothing to feel free in the farm and forest,
  • a journey blanket, eye-covering, your notebook and pen,
  • as well as drum or rattle if you have one, and
  • any kind of normal healthy food desirable for meal time.

Give some awareness to what the earth is telling us now.  Thinking back, we are hopefully harvesting the fruits of our labor, shedding the layers of decaying wood and unusable efforts from the year (or the past 50 years ), and are really getting ready to go deep within and re-dream life for the next 365.  This may likely mean slaying or befriending your dragons, slicing through illusions and restoring wholeness with the quiet ambiance of one’s cave.  It may mean loosening the baggage and dropping dead weight, redefining priorities, grappling with and aligning to the changes on the planet, and in our universe.  By going inside, winter is with us as a dear friend, and restores the balance of our heart-mind-body to allow us to emerge reborn with refreshed clear vision and readiness for what comes.  Join me in some journey work to give us more information about the way through. It takes all of us stepping out of the proverbial closets and sharing who we are meant to be, to heal the earth and each other. Looking forward to our time.  Many Blessings and much love here for you!

Warm Holiday Wishes,

p.s. 2016 brings a new curriculum monthly on the 3rd Saturday of each month (except February when I’ll be in Zimbabwe), when we (we, wee, whee!) are studying the intersection of mystical Christianity, Eastern religion (primarily Buddhism and Hinduism), and shamanism!  Please call if you are interested in being part of the year-long program.  More information to follow. Thanks!

p.s.s. In feeling connected to my ancestors and the indigenous native relatives of this land, December has become my give-away for services, simply because I love you (its really too simple) … any type of healing work, whether NMT (see – informational healing as distinct from energy healing), counseling (transformational coaching), or shamanic intercession is available at no cost and is open to anyone you know. This covers all categories of concern (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and other ).  Wholly wishing you the best for 2016!

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Fall Greetings!

Consider another way to view autumn, its synergy with your life, and re-invest/re-invent yourself by moving with the grace of nature’s rhythm!

  • Recognize the fruiting, the progress, and the abundance, now in your life, and realize your unique part of making it happen, being oh so grateful for the harvest.
  • Drop your seed, and allow the maturation of personage, concepts, ideas, projects, letting it all go for now.
  • Let your activities shift to reveal a ‘hunkering down’, just like the fall leaves changing color, and the vital forces returning to the roots.
  • Prune the dead wood, spent vines, and used up habits that waste energy, unhooking from the thinking and emotions that don’t serve your true purpose.
  • Cultivate the soil for those special plants that require the changing season, like garlic and winter wheat – consider plans for your life that require tending ‘fall planting’.
  • Be conscious of the cycle – you have been here in autumn each year since birth – be aware of the memory triggers – both negative (like whining that summer’s heat is gone and then not wearing your scarf), as well as the positive (being very happy that relaxation and warm fires are on their way).

Thanks for your part of my life!

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Autumn Equinox Gathering Saturday

Come join us Saturday and get a jump on the autumn equinox, as it is Wednesday the 23rd at 1:20 a.m. PDT.

We will start at 6 pm in Lacomb.  Please bring healthy finger foods, warm layers, journal/pen, etc.  Feel free to spend the night if you like…plenty of room.  We’ll be focusing on the wonderful fall shifting of energy and how to use the power of these earth changes to engage our own process with more vitality, conviction and allowing.

What we do now can completely alter what next year looks like!  Thinking about gardening for instance – if we do some better soil tending in the fall like clearing away the spent vines, then getting started with early peas in February is easier, or, if we don’t put in the garlic soon, we won’t harvest any next June.  How does this natural awareness of the seasons apply to our personal metamorphosis?  Lets find out!

Looking forward to seeing you soon…

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Is time speeding up?

 Here is my reply to a musician friend when he asked in his recent blog about how time seems like it is swooshing by.  I figured I might as well share with you all.

Oh, Daniel…you must be careful what you ask for, you might get it…hopefully this reply isn’t so long that you miss any practice time!

Kidding aside, this sort of thing is one of my favorite past times…I have spent all of my adult life and much of my childhood trying to imagine how things work, observing the human condition, and theorizing!

So here goes, why does it seem like time is flying by? There are actually three (at least) basic and interwoven reasons that I have found. The one has to do with past threads, the second has to do with the way we create the future, and the third has to do with intention.


For the majority, when we are young, like under around 8, we live in our emotional body, and our rational mind hasn’t quite woken up yet. When it wakes up, it begins to problem solve and tries to make sense of the turmoil and pleasures of being in this body. The body is like a machine and is processing information based on the incoming messages. It is designed to act like a computer in that it receives input, processes and then produces output (this being the critical overlooked step).

The processes include all aspects of our humanity: our emotions/feelings, our mental thoughts/memories, our spiritual longings/epiphanies. The body-mind does this all from an other-than-conscious place. Sometimes we can also be aware and do these processes from a conscious place, even to the point of a yogi slowing their pulse. All processes can be altered with new information.

One goal of life in this body and our conscious being is to complete all processes nicely. Sometimes there are power surges, or incorrect information, or just plain trauma, and a process is interrupted and doesn’t finish. Then the other parts of the machine try to figure out how to compensate for the broken piece of the cycle. It can be complex things, like birth trauma, or simple things like falling off of a tricycle, but each time we don’t manage to continue the process to a good resolved output, it’s like we leave a thread flapping in the wind and there is a disconnect from the tapestry.

By the time we are 60 years old we most often have many unfinished processes and threads loosely woven, so that much energy is spent keeping track of all of that instead of being put into more essential jobs, like for example, repairing our DNA, which continually degenerates with each replication, or for instance, smelling the dew on morning grass and feeling the sunlight dance in the droplet. Our mind-body gets so busy watching all of the disconnected threads, that there is little pleasure in slowing down to be the in the simple present moment, without the past thoughts taking up our time.

So most people are quite busy, although unconsciously, watching an old movie rerun, like ground hog day. What a sad sounding state of affairs, when after all of these years of life, we ‘should’ be really cherishing the moment and the tasty morsels therein, and instead keep thinking about historical context of our lives. This makes time appear to be going by fast, but it’s really just that we aren’t present to expand into the time that is there.


Everyone these days has heard of the word mindfulness. It has been advertised to a point of suffocation in a way, but it serves us to consider the idea. By bringing our awareness into the present, instead of being way into the past as in the first example, as well as overly thinking about the future, we have a chance to really let ourselves move through time at a more natural pace (this may not be the correct way to put verbiage to the real physics of the process, like the sun rising v.s. the earth revolving, but it is how it feels).

Our culture and society requires much future focus so we need to pull out of the main flow there, and make a determined effort to create our own stream of consciousness that we individually ride.

The future is totally created in the present, not by thinking about it, but by generating the energetics in the present to manifest the momentum to unfold a sweet future.

Unfortunately the present was the future a moment ago and is designed and wired by the past unfinished memories. So many folks have no energy to produce a future that isn’t just a repeat of the past, and so the creative juice is busy keeping track of those old threads.

So, the goal is to get ‘er done with all those unfinished things from the past, and really be here now, with consciousness, so that we can experience the present in its fully unbridled fashion, fully savoring our sensuality of this moment, and relishing the deliciousness. If we do this then we have the Creative Force that is driving the entire planetary movement on our side.

This changes how ‘fast’ things seem to be moving, because we are consciously creating and watching the unfolding, with much more awareness and input to the process, rather than it flowing from a momentum tunnel rooted completely in yesterday.

At this point I also want to mention something I learned from one of my teachers. Labdron Machig lived about 1,000 years ago in Tibet. In her biography she explained the idea that there are two basic energy currents that underlie everything. One is called afflicted emotion. The other is called wisdom. She said there are 86,000 afflicted emotion currents running each day. And 86,000 wisdom currents running each day.

I multiplied 60 seconds times 60 minutes times 24 hours and got 86,400 seconds. That translates that nearly every second we have a choice to choose between afflicted emotion and wisdom. By getting conscious of this and bringing our personage to bear in each situation we can affect the future in a radical way. We just have to remember that attachment to the afflicted emotion is flowing from the past, and it actually holds no power.

And then remember that we are creatures of habit as animals, and we can create new energy for our next moment by choosing a wisdom current in this moment, which actually creates a new habit that gets easier and easier to repeat. Wisdom looks more like positive promising hopeful bright intelligent pleasant kind natural brilliant radiant awakened loving relaxed confident brave true, and so on. This is how we can “be in constant prayer” as advised by another great teacher, Christ.

This awareness of choice each moment makes time appear lighter and not so dense. Whereas afflicted emotion is heavy and dominates one’s experience, perspective on our day, and a feeling of being out of control. This is because it flows from the past and carries the third dimensional manifestation energy of the momentum tunnel. Here is where we get to wake up and change both what is manifesting, and our perspective about how fast it is going, and potentially choose another destiny track.


Although being in the present with awareness and consciously creating our next moment requires intention, like grabbing the correct energy current, there is another level that I need to mention. It hooks to the idea that we are co-creators here on this planet. As we have been given free will to make choices and prefer some decisions over others, learning as we go along, we are jointly manifesting the next moment. We, as in you and I, but also we, as in the Creator/Creation and human consciousness. This co-creative process is held together with several elements, and one of those is intention.

I want to bring our attention to the rapidity with which our daily lives move. With information transiting the oceans in an instant, as images, words, and feelings, we, as in global citizenry, are all co-creating our next moments. The most hilarious but intensely profound way this manifests, is that all over the globe, we are pushing buttons and saying “I want it now”.

Not one person, except in the most remote regions of the planet, lives without cell technology and many have computer access. Even in Zimbabwe, where we work in the rural villages, and they have little clean water for instance, or food for their children, a high percentage have cell phones. And we are all demanding instant gratification. The Universe as such, the Creative Life Force, is possibly not a static grey haired man on a throne in the clouds, but maybe a large reflective surface from which we receive back what we put out.

So what happens when millions of people are all saying hundreds of times an hour, now, now, now? We are co-creators and are demanding a reply from the Universe, and my contention is that we are seeing the response. Our prayers are always heard. Not one heart-felt coalesced thought is left to fall into an abyss. It all comes back to us.

But since many of our messages that we are sending are convoluted, corrupted, and carefully self-serving, we also see the results of that. The challenge is watching the speed-up take place right before our eyes and realize that we are responsible, every one of us. We are in a co-created momentum tunnel and heading down a destiny track. The good news is that there are other destiny tracks available, and it just takes a few people to make conscious choices and switch tracks, like a train. Just like a train, we have to slooooowww dowwwnnnn to make the change, or the train will go flying.

So some of this swoosh time travel that is being observed is the Creative Force’s response to our internal demands for wanting the high tech instant gratification of sound and light and movement, now. So what can be done? I mean, we all like our conveniences, our sensual pleasures, and distractions.

Intention is crucial. I think that truly being in the present, as a fully aware and conscious being, we can bless our every moment, and the effect of the speed up is less trying that way, i.e. it doesn’t feel like we miss so much. And also it gives us a chance to choose a different destiny track rather than staying in the momentum tunnel that is being created on such a mass level.

With awareness, with consciousness, use intention now, to create beauty, share that Large Love, and bless the moment…then it will appear to go slower…but also the speeding up of karma will be less devastating.

Hopefully this isn’t TMI…and when you said you wanted an answer, you were serious. Your posting called me out of my closet! Thank you much for this opportunity to share!

Warm Regards…

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Oregon Mineral and Mercantile – Open by Appointment

Oregon Mineral and Mercantile is open for business on Sunday August 2nd with a wide variety of rock as well as other unique gifts from 25 cents to $600!  This is your personal invitation … we are not open to the general public, but for you, by appointment… although do feel free to bring friends. I am happy to be celebrating the Celtic holiday Lughnasa on August 1st, as well as Día de la Pachamama. known as Mother Earth Day in Peru, as we open the rock shop for the first time!  Please feel free to come on Sunday, and if you can’t make it, but can on Saturday, give me a call as I may have a window of opportunity in the middle of the afternoon on August 1st.

When I was 8 years old my great uncle Alfred Powell, (who was 103 when he passed recently), turned me on to rocks with my first book on the mineral kingdom called Pebble Pups.  It was a quarter-inch thick and came with a starter box of assorted minerals glued to little squares.  I was delighted by the prospect of studying this new found friend.  That began me on my rock hounding adventures!  I met Lodi because I was looking for someone to help me grind rocks into a fine enough powder to be able to fill the back-orders on a cream that I was shipping up and down the west coast back in ’89…it was clever…we could wear our crystal and aromatherapy using this special anointment.  It turned out that the San Francisco earthquakes were making it hard for the powder man to fill my orders so Lodi and I went down and back on that Saturday and, with John’s help, I bought the crystal grinding machine.  Lodi and I collected rocks together for 25 years and invested in that world…not just as a business, but as a lifestyle and spiritual cosmology.  And now today I get to share this particular bent with you!  This is very fun for me!

Thanks for your encouragement and support over the last couple of years as I have been working towards this goal!  Remember that your volunteered time or status as a RYOB classmate gets you a 10% discount!

Looking forward to seeing you!

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Ready for a Celtic Solstice?

Please bring anything you’d like, to remind you of your Celtic roots for our Solstice celebration.  Click here for a song we’ll learn about being “one who remembers”.

Also the Oregon Mineral and Mercantile Rock Shop remodeling is nearly finished and we’ll be moving in over the next month or so, hopefully by the Celtic holiday Lughnasa (August 1st, which is also celebrated all over the Andes as Día de la Pachamama (Mother Earth Day) in Peru).  Please bring a very small token to become part of the rock shop when we move in…nothing much but just a remembrance of your good will and blessing for this venture.  Thanks much!

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Summer Solstice 2015

Trying some new ideas for sharing old information here…

Hey guys – Join me for Summer Solstice 2015…let’s put our consciousness together and enjoy the transition of the season!

Are you ready for the full-on summer energy that’s coming on strong? Are you on overwhelm? Hopefully you’re tackling the details of living, like an empowered gardener would…where was that hoe anyway and what happened to the wheelbarrow? The practical details for our quarterly gathering are at the end!

So, Stop. Ever think you are moving way too fast? Just deeply breathe. And, reach into the crack in the Universe:

  • Do you hear the grass growing?
  • Do you feel the flowers as they quietly come into beauty and bloom?
  • And feel the birds soar in flight?
  • Can you taste the fruit not quite yet formed on the bushes?
  • Are you smelling the crisp apple fragrance that is on its way?
  • Can you see the sounds of crickets and frogs in the dark as they sing to you at night?
  • Do you know that you are fully One with Nature around you and the world of non-ordinary reality, and the only separation is in your mind?

As our earth is ever-changing, and so are we. Let’s put Her seasonal energy into our pocket to fuel our next transition. Are you clear about your next step, and where you are headed? Is your momentum tunnel heading you down a destiny track that you are not fond of, in any way? Then if so, by all means, consider another destiny track that is available to you! You know that you don’t have to work out the details (right?), your allies and your Allies, all of the Sacred Ones, will do that for you, you just have to dream consciously, put your Heart-Mind into your intention to imagine another future, then let Them know. What would you prefer?

Whatever you are called to be, and do, in this new future will benefit all of our planet, as your inspiration comes from Spirit and means empowerment for all. Grace us all with your authentic passionate gifts!   Bless us with your Divine Fire – that spark of Life that unifies us all, stimulating creative juices and rising with spontaneity! And, join in as we support each other in this heart-felt growth!

Solstice is just around the corner. How does your life reflect the seeds you planted in the spring? And the vision that you liberated in your cave last winter, as you faced your biggest fears and tapped into your yearning for what life has to offer? Are you unveiling the Truth of your being in 2015, or are you trying to hide? Are you burdened by too many seeds growing and need to do some thinning? I often am. Is it time to consider any drastic action like eradicating an invasive or evasive weed, insect or parasite in your world of thought?

What song do you carry inside of you that plays the drum beat of your heart on your rib bones, anyway? Are you heavy laden with love for life, and lookin’ for release? What does the sound of your song look like? And, how does it feel? Let yourself breathe into being a tune that has a life of its own, and let the corpses in the shadows of your mind shed like a snake! Listen to the freedom tune…listen for the deliciousness and wonder and awe…listen for your comrades who are also singing a vitality hymn and walking to their drummer. We must trust the process and trust our internal compass pointing the way.

Every day is revealing more and more power for you to use in your life. There are a wellspring of tools being given to you daily – are you open to receive them? There is an abundance of people put on your path – maybe some opportunities not normally recognized as potential gems, you know, like that irritating person? Nuggets of gold are dropping into your hands, are they closed? And there is a wealth of knowledge downloading now. Is your computer asleep?

If you are listening to Her Energy, then turn up the volume and cherish Nature as she speaks tomes. What frequency or channel do you frequent? Are you getting the tasty morsels of the wisdom currents or are you being mesmerized by the afflicted emotion currents? Every moment – every moment – we have a choice of which current to ride. Make the decision to choose, to ride the current and not be ridden!


Just like each quarter, we will again be sharing this power-filled focused time. Solstice is 9:39 PDT Sunday morning. We will begin our gathering at 4 pm on Saturday the 20th, here in Lacomb. We will make an effort to break by 7:30 or 8 pm in case you will not be spending the night. We will wrap up the daylight hours with a complete package of solstice intention to take with you. Please confirm your intention to be present, and whether you will be staying over, with a text, phone call, or email before the 19th. Thanks!

  • Camping or dorm space is available. If you want to camp, come any time after 2:30 pm to set up your tent in the Boreal rainforest behind the house.
  • Because of the slumber party, please bring something of substance for a potluck, instead of our normal finger food. It will be part of the 4-8 pm timeframe.
  • If you want to bring midnight snacks, that would also be appropriate.
  • We will be doing some later night intention work as well…bring flashlights.
  • As always, bring your journey blanket, journal and pens, and this time, layers of clothing for potential bugs or evening cooling, as we may likely be journeying outside.
  • Breakfast can also be potluck. Eggs are provided, along with a super machine for smoothies, so bring frozen or fresh fruit for that.

Let me know that you are attending so I can keep you posted with the latest updates. Thanks! Looking forward to seeing you!

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Creating Sacred Space

Those of you who have spent time exploring Read Your Own Book, know that we always begin our time together by creating sacred space. Sign into the classroom pages to see the latest! Print yourself a copy!  Thank you for all of our time together creating this information!

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Earth Day 26th at Thyme Garden in Alsea

11 a.m. Join us as we invite the spirits of nature to celebrate Earth Day! 

We will learn about journeying, which is a active, waking dream state that indigenous people, from around the world and throughout time, have used to guide their lives.  Explore Earth Day in a new realm as you discover a fresh and insightful way to connect with nature.  No experience needed … just Large Love.

Jaiaen Beck, local indigenous medicine practitioner, will lead this adventure.  All ages welcome!  Earth Day at Thyme Garden opens at 10 a.m. with many programs through 5 pm. link to for more information!

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To the old and new alike!

Waking this morning brought me this jewel to share…thank you!

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