Upcoming Events to Schedule!

Circle of Well Being will again be sharing Earth Day with Thyme Garden. 

Here is the Thyme Garden link!

Please read on…

The above link will take you to the Thyme Garden website.  We are sending these details to you so you can see how we fit into their world and how you are part of that! 

  • At the Earth Day event on April 22nd, the Circle of Well Being (part of Ancient Ways) will be creating a celebration for adults and children alike.  Their nursery is open 10-5 pm that day.  Come and be part of sharing in the earth’s magic!
  •  At the Mother’s Day event, our Ancient Ways marimba groups will be playing, and there are vendors of all sorts, plus their nursery is open all day. 

Please let us know if you will be able to participate in the April 22nd Earth Day event.  We’ll have a role for you to play in putting it all together (only if you like). Thanks much!


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Winter Reflections

Winter Reflections

May the barren darkness

be the bringer of dawn

beyond our imaginations.


Let the pain and isolation of winter

linger only briefly enough

to allow renewal

and a full bursting

into gentle spring seeds,


and pregnant with possibility.


Hold hope and eternal intention

when the firelight flickers

and the shadow-dancing

on the wall of your mind

reveals the contrast

leaving only

the true luminous being inside.


Allow a fresh naked view

through the opening portal

into a new dimension within

as it embraces



the next year

coming out of the embers

and your deeply-felt relaxing breath


Ahhh… Ahhh… Ahhh…



Be Blessed

as you willingly surrender

all that you thought you knew

all that you wanted to hold on to

all that mimics authenticity

all the pretenses and precepts

dressed like fringe characters

all the goblins and ghouls

watching from behind

below and beneath

all the hungry ghosts

that live in the forests of our minds.


Let them go…

Let them go…

Let them go…

all of these spirits, schisms and splinters

that stand in our way

on our journey

to freedom.


They diminish. They dissolve. They disappear.


Pleasant warm wintry sleeping

is bringing comfort

and reminding us

of who we really are,

giving us permission to

be beautifully Blessed,


and Happily

our wild natural selves

in cooperation

and entangled

like nature herself

a mycorrhizal mosaic

symbiotic and sustainable

singular but in unison

always working together

as One.

Jaiaen 12/21/17

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This podcast is great…Karen Brody explains yoga nidra (sleep yoga) and how to do it and why.  Take a few minutes out of your hustle and bustle to check this out:

Karen Brody

If this interests you, there are many free nidra audios here – let yourself try this!

Make 2018 the year of Daring to Rest!

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Solstice Thoughts for December 2017

Solstice and Equinox are a great time to reflect on the magnificence of nature as our teacher, as well as our own individual natures.

Here are a few of the ideas that came up during our solstice gathering:

  • Go back to the roots
  • Notice kindness…be kind.
  • Get more sleep.
  • Be quieter.
  • Be less active
  • Take it slower.
  • Conserve your energy
  • Reconnect with others
  • Re-fuel
  • Enjoy being more sentimental
  • Be in appreciation of relationships and friends
  • Great time for self-reflecting
  • Enjoy the crisp, clean, pristine, untouched times
  • Enjoy the hearty nourishment
  • Watch for burnout

Here is our 14 survival tools for dealing with whatever is coming:

  1. Nature – vibrations of nature heal
  2. Get plenty of water
  3. Watch eating right
  4. Breathe…notice breathing out is the creation breath and remember to do it.
  5. Get rest and sleep
  6. Take care of basic preparedness
  7. Unplug – from wi-fi, internet, phone,
  8. Get exercise
  9. Cultiate your friendships
  10. Allow creativity and expressions of beauty
  11. Try out seasonal lights (full spectrum) for mood enhancement
  12. Play music to shift energy
  13. Tie up loose ends, clean and organize things
  14. Repurpose and reuse to stay in the cycle

Many blessings to you and yours for the holidays and into the new year! 

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Winter Solstice 2017 Saturday the 16th in Lacomb

Official Winter Solstice is Thursday, December 21, 2017 at 8:28 am PST.

Gathering on Saturday the 16th at 3 pm will give us a great pause before we shift into into our winter caves.  Time to reflect and go inside promises calm and peaceful outcomes.

Now more than ever, we really need to remember our natural selves, the ones that are totally aligned with nature at its finest. 

  • Nature is pure energy. 
  • Nature is not distorted, deceiving or in denial. 
  • She just is! 

Lets tap into our IS-ness and bathe in that beauty, play in that Light, connect with the Center of the earth.  Spelunking is the most wonderful part of winter!

Please join me for a Winter Solstice here at 3 pm to gather branches, 4 pm start.  Please bring healthy finger foods, and your journal, and blanket, etc.

If you are unable to come, I wish you the very best energy to carry forward in creating your 2018, as well as safe and kind holidays!

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Up and Running

Fall Greetings!

Its pretty certain that we made the conversion to the new emailing feature, which finds life from my blogging efforts.  The last post (with a picture about stretching our minds) was a test that was supposed to go only to me, but I think it may have gone to everyone…my apologies.  I think we are now good to go.

Hope that the thin veil experiences over the 31st were all enlightening, exciting, invigorating, and the recent full moon has blessed you with plenty of full relationship experiences.

Lets all remember to retain our sens-abilites so that we are feeding from nature, and not the electronics in our lives. All 11 senses – the 5 physical and 6 “sixth senses” are all part of the antennae with which every person is equipped…so don’t think – but instead listen to the incoming messages, and trust your own body-felt sense about the nature of reality.

That doesn’t mean getting paralyzed by fear, if you pick up that emotion, but it does mean to allow awareness of it, and encourage loving-kindness towards yourself for hearing and feeling and knowing.  This is part of our toolbox!

Recall the breath, the heart beat, the soul, that we all share. Yes, we all share, even insane people, people who are invaded by walk-ins, and just plain possessed people, all need compassion. Breathe faith, hope and love into every moment, and the greatest of these can be used like a shovel.

Love is a tool to pry and negotiate, to dig and deepen, to spread and nurture.  And overcome.  We will overcome.

Okay, this was supposed to be just a quick blog spot about fixing the feedburner so you should only receive one email from me, when I blog from the website, and that should say Mail Chimp at the bottom of it!

Thanks for all of your engagement in my life and your encouragement to me to continue to be myself, that large child who lives in a make-believe Omniverse.

Love you all!  Do let me know if everything is working okay…thank you!

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Rescheduling Equinox Gathering to 9/23

As most of you know through the grapevine, we have rescheduled the gathering for next Saturday the 23rd.

Please see http://jaiaenbeck.com/autumn-equinox-2017-saturday-the-16th/ for all the details you might need.

I’m sure this will work so much better for us all.  Thanks for the collaboration!

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Autumn Equinox 2017 Saturday the 16th

Equinox is Friday, September 22, 2017 at 1:02 pm PDT.  This is our northern hemisphere’s time of officially entering fall. Our hopes are eternal for an ‘Indian’ summer here in Oregon, unless it means more fire danger. Grass will be speaking green again soon, and leaves will be melting into the compost heap.  The love produced from spring and summer cultivation is reigning supreme now.

Saturday the 16th, from 3 pm, lets celebrate a harvest time with an attitude of gratitude, and smiles to share all around.  Come with some healthy finger food, your reflections journal and pens, journey blanket, and your own ‘take’ on how we are all blessed right now.  Looks like it will be comfortable weather, but cooling off, so bring a layer.

I am so grateful for you in my life. And because of you, the world is a much better place.  Me? you say…  Yes! You!  You are part of this circle, and the quantum entanglement is enriched, enlivened, and blesses us all. 

  • Thank you for your quiet kindnesses that are most likely not noticed but by the one receiving, because you are changing the world one heart at a time.
  • And, for how you continue to polish your life’s reflecting mirror, being responsible for your part of this co-creation.
  • Also, thank you for how you extend yourself to be a good friend and confidant to the world around you…this camaraderie is the reminder that we are each really safe, that we have ways, like a container that holds water, to offer our intimate selves to the world, and that we are deepening in the emotional spelunking adventures we share.

To go into fall fully aware of the drawing down of the season, is the way to get the most out of winter, which is the basis of manifesting your heart’s desire next year, so besides just enjoying the flourishing colors and relaxation of summer’s job-well-done, lets take it to the next level so we are thriving and not just surviving in the coming times.  There is so much good in the world, if we can pause and see it, without filtering our perceptions using a barrage of senseless veils. 

I’d like to take some time as well to talk about how we all may be struggling with some sovereignty concerns, from the largest scale of choosing global peace over world domination, down to the smallest personal issues.  Are any of things that are getting under your skin, waving flags to you about boundaries, and changing up your perspective about them being crossed?  Are there some new ways of looking at the perpetrator without the stereotype?  Can the current group of challenges be interpreted in terms of sovereignty, your ‘rights’ in this lifetime (rather than obligations), and whether there is someone’s behavior or attitude that ‘makes you (or someone else) wrong’?  Interesting thread to wrap up.  Summer has shared a wealth of opportunities to explore sovereignty!

Saturday will be an experiential journey into earth-speak to dream about what guidance can come from listening and hearing the mother-ship.  Thank you for all you bring to our lives!

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Summer Solstice Gathering June 17th

Tuesday, June 20, 2017 at 9:24 pm PDT is official Summer Solstice.

We will celebrate on Saturday the 17th starting at 3 pm to gather branches, and beginning no later than 4 pm here in Lacomb.  Bring your journal and come to declare yourself!  Be ready to identify how you might have over planted seeds this spring, how the brambles may have over grown your space, and how to trim back to a reasonable garden to nourish for the rest of the year!

Come with finger foods ready to share and an open mind and heart.

Summer Solstice 2017

Summer, old friend, glorious summer!

You have me on the edge of my seat,

waiting with bated breath.

Stop teasing me.

It’s time.

And, we are ready.


We know your secrets, your inner longings, and we are at One with you!

Bring it on!

You kindle our expansion and growth.

We know we will be

in wide open bloom

And full of your optimism

And enthusiasm.

We surrender

To deepen our roots

Seeking the Mother of Life,

the Water,

To stretch upwards

towards the heavens to touch the sky

With wild abandon,

And to deliciously savor the fruits of our creative intending.

We Be,

I am,

They are,


One with You.



We invite your presence,

Honor us with your

Gentle and kind

warm winds,

Sparkling dew

in the morning grass,

and late starry nights.

Release us into nature.

We relish the thought!




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April 23rd Earth Day Celebration at Thyme Garden 11-3 pm

Join us on April 23rd for an Earth Day Celebration at Thyme Garden!

Children welcome.  See the details under the picture below.

We will be doing a healing circle at 2 pm, incorporating their wonderful water and forest setting. Looking forward to bringing focus ​to healing our earth and our selves!

Please let me know whether you are able to come and be part of our circle. I will be bringing drums and rattles, so let me know what you can bring, and that you will be present to help me carry out the vision!

Thanks much!  Jaiaen

Herbs & Healing at The Thyme Garden; An Earth Day Celebration

Sunday, April 23rd

Join us for a day of learning and fun as we look at herbs for healing, ways to care for our environment, and come together with a special healing ceremony to wrap up the day.

The gardens are a perfect place to enjoy the coming of spring. The nursery will be bursting with beautiful herb starts; the craft shop open for gifts and goodies. Be sure to bring the kids for an Earth Factoid Scavenger Hunt in the garden—find all the clues and you will receive a free plant!

Herbal refreshments will be available for purchase 11-2.   Homemade Thyme Garden Vegan Potato Nettle Soup, fresh baked bread, and assorted treats.


11:00 Story time with Ms. Nancy. Alsea’s local librarian will enchant the young ones with stories focused on caring for the Earth and ourselves.

11:30 The Healing Garden

Making your own herbal medicines from plants you have nurtured takes natural healing to a whole new level and enriches both the grower and the garden. Led by Jaci Guerena, Sunnyside Herb School, Corvallis.

12:45 Forest Tours

Group 1: Stream Restoration Walk. Learn about The Thyme Garden’s amazing project to create beautiful spawning habitat for the native Coho salmon and explore the magical Coast Range forest.

Group 2: Spring Herb Walk. Learn about the powerful plant allies that are growing all around us. Gain appreciation for healing plants, the importance of responsible wild crafting, and using native plants for medicine.

2:00 Healing the Earth and Ourselves. Join us as we create a sacred space for the earth and ourselves, led by Jaiaen Beck, founder of Circle of Well Being and Ancient Ways. Jaiaen is a teacher of shamanism and alternative healing approaches. Share in a mystical and uplifting experience. Let’s send positive energy out there for our Mother Earth and each other! Children welcome.

The Thyme Garden is a nursery & herb garden nestled in the Coast Range Mountains of Oregon, established in 1989. They are pleased to offer the Northwest’s largest collection of hops, herb seeds and plants. Their beautiful display gardens are open to visitors spring through summer. They also host herbal luncheons, tours, special events and weddings.

Directions: Head west from Corvallis and take a left at the Y in Philomath, on Hwy. 34 to Waldport. Continue 3 miles past Mary’s Peak turnoff. Venue on left.

For more information, please contact Emily Stimac, 541-487-8671.

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