Fall Greetings!

Consider another way to view autumn, its synergy with your life, and re-invest/re-invent yourself by moving with the grace of nature’s rhythm!

  • Recognize the fruiting, the progress, and the abundance, now in your life, and realize your unique part of making it happen, being oh so grateful for the harvest.
  • Drop your seed, and allow the maturation of personage, concepts, ideas, projects, letting it all go for now.
  • Let your activities shift to reveal a ‘hunkering down’, just like the fall leaves changing color, and the vital forces returning to the roots.
  • Prune the dead wood, spent vines, and used up habits that waste energy, unhooking from the thinking and emotions that don’t serve your true purpose.
  • Cultivate the soil for those special plants that require the changing season, like garlic and winter wheat – consider plans for your life that require tending ‘fall planting’.
  • Be conscious of the cycle – you have been here in autumn each year since birth – be aware of the memory triggers – both negative (like whining that summer’s heat is gone and then not wearing your scarf), as well as the positive (being very happy that relaxation and warm fires are on their way).

Thanks for your part of my life!

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