Equinox Gathering!

Just a quick note about the Equinox gathering in Lacomb on Saturday – normally the 3rd Saturday¬† — we are coming together on the 4th Saturday instead.¬† Same time and space.

  • 3 pm to gather branches and commune with the trees.
  • Starting officially at 4 pm
  • Bring healthy finger food, although if you have something that requires forks and spoons its okay!
  • Bring your journal and pens/pencils.
  • A journey blanket with drum or rattle optional as we have extras here.

Be thinking about how to deepen with the cycles of nature around us.

The summer of full bloom is fading and relaxing into our selves is the priority.

Like the blackberries which have born fruit, they draw the energy back to their roots as autumn approaches.

We aren’t in our winter cave and we are not in full bloom, but somewhere betwixt and between.

Much gratitude for all of what is coming and has come.¬† Harvesting what is…hmmm….

See you soon!

Thanks for every way you bring love and light into my life!

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