Autumn Equinox 2017 Saturday the 16th

Equinox is Friday, September 22, 2017 at 1:02 pm PDT.  This is our northern hemisphere’s time of officially entering fall. Our hopes are eternal for an ‘Indian’ summer here in Oregon, unless it means more fire danger. Grass will be speaking green again soon, and leaves will be melting into the compost heap.  The love produced from spring and summer cultivation is reigning supreme now.

Saturday the 16th, from 3 pm, lets celebrate a harvest time with an attitude of gratitude, and smiles to share all around.  Come with some healthy finger food, your reflections journal and pens, journey blanket, and your own ‘take’ on how we are all blessed right now.  Looks like it will be comfortable weather, but cooling off, so bring a layer.

I am so grateful for you in my life. And because of you, the world is a much better place.  Me? you say…  Yes! You!  You are part of this circle, and the quantum entanglement is enriched, enlivened, and blesses us all. 

  • Thank you for your quiet kindnesses that are most likely not noticed but by the one receiving, because you are changing the world one heart at a time.
  • And, for how you continue to polish your life’s reflecting mirror, being responsible for your part of this co-creation.
  • Also, thank you for how you extend yourself to be a good friend and confidant to the world around you…this camaraderie is the reminder that we are each really safe, that we have ways, like a container that holds water, to offer our intimate selves to the world, and that we are deepening in the emotional spelunking adventures we share.

To go into fall fully aware of the drawing down of the season, is the way to get the most out of winter, which is the basis of manifesting your heart’s desire next year, so besides just enjoying the flourishing colors and relaxation of summer’s job-well-done, lets take it to the next level so we are thriving and not just surviving in the coming times.  There is so much good in the world, if we can pause and see it, without filtering our perceptions using a barrage of senseless veils. 

I’d like to take some time as well to talk about how we all may be struggling with some sovereignty concerns, from the largest scale of choosing global peace over world domination, down to the smallest personal issues.  Are any of things that are getting under your skin, waving flags to you about boundaries, and changing up your perspective about them being crossed?  Are there some new ways of looking at the perpetrator without the stereotype?  Can the current group of challenges be interpreted in terms of sovereignty, your ‘rights’ in this lifetime (rather than obligations), and whether there is someone’s behavior or attitude that ‘makes you (or someone else) wrong’?  Interesting thread to wrap up.  Summer has shared a wealth of opportunities to explore sovereignty!

Saturday will be an experiential journey into earth-speak to dream about what guidance can come from listening and hearing the mother-ship.  Thank you for all you bring to our lives!

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